Welcome to Pawtastik Grooming Salon!

We treat your furry friend with the same love and care that you do. Let us pamper and pretty your dog with innovative grooming products in an open and relaxing environment. We are a cage free salon. At Pawtastik we use only natural shampoos and conditioners, and offer special services based on what you want for your dog. Having your dog groomed is essential for keeping your best friend’s coat and skin healthy.

Pawtastik offers grooming for all breeds, sizes and coat styles, as well as extra service to make your dog look and feel beautiful.

Salon Updates

New Clients 

As June 2023 we are no longer accepting any new clients with large dogs. We do not know when we will be able to take on any new clients at this stage. You are welcome to join our new client waitlist by texting or emailing us via our contact info below.

We are currently booking out 4-5 weeks out at a time and have reached max capacity on spots for dogs this size. As always, I appreciate the understanding and supporting a small business.

Price Increase as of new financial year – August 2023

This has been a difficult decision but with the rising costs of supplies, utilities, & cost of running a business we’ve had to adjust our pricing for our grooming services.

Please see our price list on our Services page.

Large Breed Dogs Price Increase

Unfortunately we’ve had to increase our grooming prices for large breed dogs this year. It is no longer feasible for us continue grooming large dogs at the current price as wages and all other costs to keeping the business going has increased. The time it takes to groom 1 large breed dog is equivalent to grooming 2-3 small breed dogs, so we’ve adjusted our pricing to match.

Pricing Disclaimer
As we sometimes won’t have actually seen your dog, we need to make some presumptions about pricing. They are:

  • that the coat is in a reasonable condition 
  • if necessary, any heavy de-matting or knot removal required will incur extra charges
  • your dog has a nice temperament and overall is fine being touched and handled
  • Mixed breed dog pricing will be based on the most dominant breed and/or coat that presents

You are welcome to pop-in for a more accurate quote as we can then see what exactly you would like done,  and to assess your dog’s coat condition etc.

Late Fees & No Show Fees

We’ve been pretty lenient since we opened in 2018 regarding customers coming in late or not showing up at all. This year we will be more strict with our policies as it’s not fair for us to fall behind on our whole day and end up going home later because you are late to your appointment.

For customers who are more than 15 minutes late, we have the right to cancel your appointment & a no show fee of $35 will be charged at your next appointment. If we can still groom your dog even if you are more than 15 mins late we will let you know but we’ll still have to charge the $15 late fee and your pick up time will be at the end of the day as you’ve already missed 15 mins or more of your scheduled appointment time.

Text Reminders

We are not sending text reminders. You will get the confirmation message on the day of rebooking, we kindly ask you to note the date in your calendar. 

Future Appointments

We always urge customers to rebook appointments on the day. We sometimes even pre-book a few in advance for you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to keep track of when you’re next appointment is. Please don’t give our staff a hard time regarding next available appointments. We groom around 15 dogs a day, that’s over 75 dogs a week. For each day you forget to rebook that’s 15 appointments made ahead of time. We can only do so much in a day before we burn out or worse injure ourselves or your pup.

Late pick up

No additional fees for late pick up but we’d like to remind our customers to be respectful of our time as we’d also like to go home to our families after a long day of grooming. Just let us know on the day if you know you’ll be running late, we just prefer a heads up!

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